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 Electrical Characteristics TA=25?J

Center Frequency: 10.525 GHz(Center frequency may be factory set between 8 to 12GHz)

Frequency Setting Accuracy: 5MHz

Power Output: 12dBm EIRP

Operating Voltage: +5V DC

Operating Current: 50mA typical

Pulse Mode Operating:

Pulse width ( minimum ) = 5uS
Duty cycle ( minimum ) =1%

Detector Sensitivity:-100 DBC in 10 -10 KHz

Operating Temperature Range: -20?J to +70?J

Noise ( bandwidth 1Hz to 10KHz ): 10uV Max.

Oscillator Setting Time:< 1uS to within 10MHz of Final Frequency.
Weight: 15gm.

Antenna Beam Pattern:
E Plane 36?X
H Plane 72?X